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The BeatBox 


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The BeatBox 

Written By: programmr 


Drill (1) 
Pocket Knifed) 


Small breadboard (RS : 276-003) (1) 

Arduino microcontroller (1) 

1/4W 5% 1 Meg resistor (1) 

Hookup wire. 22 gauge, multiple colors 


Piezo Element (1) 


This project needs only a minimal knolage of arduino and a very small number of parts. 

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The BeatBox 

Step 1 — The BeatBox 

• The first thing you do is to find a 
box, make a box, or buy a box. We 
bought our box from Michaels 
which was $2.00. 

• On the inside, mark where you 
would like to put the USB hole. 
Then drill at the approximate place. 
You don't have to be super exact. 
All that matters is that the 
Arduino's USB can fit. The resistor 
on the image is 1 m 

Step 2 

• Configure the electronics on a 
small breadboard, as shown. (Note: 
The resistor is the 1m resistor.) 

• The breadboard can be any size as 
long as the black of the sensor is 
connected to one end of the 
resistor which is connected to 
ground and the red of the sensor is 
connected to one end of the 
resistor which is connected to 

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The BeatBox 

Step 3 

tapping I Atduino 1.0 

BiHung | I 

ia MlU>0 i 

S*ELaL ,pi-int'.rt{'FE«arait start."}; 

:■■■■ -. ■ I.-: "hv ..j, . ■ ■..■ .1 !■ .! .1 

t th*» out olt#f it's working rLght. 

ili -: : ^nQCkSMtur)'; 

■ <■*;. 

.- fsecretCart[ii]!-B) { 

matwimu&e, hkh)j 

■>J. I: 

Remids the tlBtnfl of KroW.-s. 

■ci ■ 1.1.1 ,-ri;-,- f"l:i-,rt-.i: 'T-irNrvr V 

• Next, you need to write some code. 
I did the writing for you so its more 
of uploading my code. The code is 
available here. 

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